RNN’s Mission Statement

Reliable News Now — Mission Statement

The Creators and Editors of Reliable News Now share a single goal: To cut through the noise, manipulation and parading of opinion as fact which characterizes most journalism today.

We believe “objective news” is an impossibility; in both the prejudice of the writer or editor in deciding what goes into a story – and what is left out. And while we are unapologetically conservative and patriotic, we trust no single news source, nor party.

Therefore, here at Reliable News Now, you will find linked stories, news, and occasional commentary we believe stick closer to the facts and offer a reasonable analysis, sometimes even from openly left-wing sources whose worldview we oppose.

You will also find lesser-known sources that put out information which often chafes officials and so-called “experts,” too many of whom are on government payrolls.

What you will rarely find here are the opinions or news stories from the Legacy Media behemoths like the New York Times, Washington Post, or CNN – whose poor reporting and naked flackery is evident to anyone with an open mind and above average IQ.

With multiple daily updates on issues here in the United States and around the world, which we believe important and of interest, we hope Reliable News Now will find a home in the ‘bookmarks’ of serious news consumers, perhaps even becoming their ‘homepage.’