Swedish Study Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Changes Human DNA

Swedish Study Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Changes Human DNA

Swedish Study Confirms Pfizer Vaccine Changes Human DNA

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More than a year after the COVID-19 vaccine was first introduced, a new study is showing that the Centers for Disease Control was incorrect when it announced that the messenger RNA from Pfizer’s version of the COVID vaccine could not turn into DNA.

The study conducted by Swedish scientists, comes at a time when polling shows that the American people is increasingly turning against vaccine mandates, restrictions, and other government-imposed COVID policies.

Public opinion against continuing to impose massive COVID restrictions follows weeks of similar protests in Canada, where the Liberal Government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resorted to draconian measures to crush his opposition and clear out the streets in Canada’s capital of Ottawa.

Likewise, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have also seen mass protests against vaccine mandates and other laws restricting personal freedom in the name of combating COVID.

Now, a new report could only strengthen opposition to the vaccine mandates, as a study conducted by Swedish scientists has debunked one of the major claimed made by the Centers for Disease Control about the vaccine’s efficacy.

Just The News reports, “A study by Swedish scientists finds that when the vaccine’s mRNA enters human liver cells it triggers a number of reactions that yield a reverse transcription that turns the mRNA into spike DNA.”

“The scientists, in their study published in the journal Current Issues of Molecular Biology, state that they have found “evidence that COVID-19 mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 is able to enter the human liver cell line Huh7 in vitro.”

According to the Swedish study, the Pfizer vaccine could end up being “transcribed” in liver cells in as little as six hours after being administered.

This was a revelation that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention repeatedly claimed could not happen.

In fact, the CDC continues to claim that such a scenario is out of the question.

In fact the CDC publicly claims that “The genetic material delivered by mRNA vaccines never enters the nucleus of your cells. … COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.”

Likewise, Pfizer also claims that the vaccine does not change human DNA in any way. “Our COVID-19 vaccine does not alter the DNA sequence of a human cell. It only presents the body with the instructions to build immunity,” Pfizer told the Epoch Times when asked about the impact its vaccine would have on DNA.

“The Swedish study is the first time that researchers have shown how an mRNA vaccine can transform into DNA. The CDC has not responded to Just the News queries since Wednesday on whether it finds fault with the research, and if so how, or whether the agency will re-evaluate its public claims in light of the research,” concludes Just The News.

The long term impacts of this revelation have yet to be revealed to the public at large, though its clear that the Centers for Disease Control have not been correct in their initial claims to discredit what they claimed were “disinformation” being perpetuated about the virus.