Teen Led an Entire Tribe to Christ in the Most Dangerous World Country

In the Most Dangerous Country in the World – This Teen Led an Entire Tribe to Christ


In Pakistan, a teenager named *Rehan (name changed for security reasons) worked long hours as a server to earn enough money to feed his family.

Then one day at the restaurant he waited on a truck driver named Safdar – not knowing that it would forever change his life.

And once you hear how their interaction led an entire tribe to Christ, you’re bound to be inspired.

Safdar would frequent the restaurant with a man named Nehemiah, a partner with Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI).

Rehan was stunned at how kind Safdar was and the gracious way he always spoke to him.

Puzzled, yet curious, Rehan began to inquire and ask how he was able to treat a waiter like him with such grace.

Risking his own life for Jesus, Safdar gave Rehan an audio Bible, and began to talk to him about Jesus.

Once Rehan learned the truth – that Jesus loved him and died for his sins to reconcile him to God – he embraced the Bible and got baptized, reported Mission Network News.

But Rehan didn’t stop there – he went and told his entire family about Jesus – and then eventually the village where he lived.

By God’s amazing grace – the entire tribe was saved and are now believers!

Mission Network News reported:

“Nehemiah says he invited three FMI partners to help him share the Gospel with the tribe. “One evening, he gathered all the tribe’s members under one big tent. First, Rehan showed a movie about Jesus.

Then an FMI partner shared a 15-minute devotion about new hope in Christ. That day, a 17-year-old-boy led his whole tribe to the Lord Jesus Christ. They quit their regular practice of offering Muslim prayers.”

Yet again, God revealed His power to soften even the hardest of hearts.

Many people think Muslims are “too far gone” – and are impossible to reach for Christ.

But as Christian Life Daily has previously reported, there are countless stories all over the world of Muslims coming to Christ – and then leading others to worship Him too.

Some brave evangelists even lost their own lives in the process, knowing it was worth the risk.

The Gospel truly does transform lives

Still, let us remember to keep Rehan and all of these new believers in our prayers.

Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian, and these believers are bound to face persecution and even death for leaving Islam to follow Jesus.

May God empower them to lead even more people to worship His holy name and continue to give them courage to face upcoming opposition.