CNN Drove the Final Nail in Joe Biden’s Coffin

CNN Drove the Final Nail in Joe Biden’s Coffin

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Joe Biden is in big trouble.

Not even the media can cover up the scope of the latest disaster.

And CNN drove the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin with one piece of shocking news.

CNN released the results of their brand-new poll on Americans’ feelings about Joe Biden’s presidency.

The results represented a political extinction level event for Republicans.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans disapproved of Joe Biden’s job as president with just 41% approving.

Amazingly, nearly six in 10 Americans disapproving of Joe Biden’s job was not the worst news for Biden and the Democrats.

That came in the form of 56% of Americans who could not name a single thing Joe Biden’s done that they approved of.

“I’m hard pressed to think of a single thing he has done that benefits the country,” one respondent wrote to CNN as part of the poll.

From the results, bad news just poured in.

Fifty-seven percent of Americans rated the first year of Joe Biden’s presidency a success compared to the split decision about Barack Obama’s first year when CNN polled this question back in 2010.

Thirty-five percent of independent voters reported believing the first year of Biden’s presidency was successful compared to 44% for Barack Obama.

Overall, Americans said, 57% to 41%, that the first year of the Biden administration has been more of a failure than a success. For comparison, in January 2010, Americans were split about evenly on how to define Barack Obama’s first year as president. An 83% majority of Democrats called Biden’s first year a success — more than the 78% of Democrats who said the same about Obama in 2010. But just 35% of independents saw Biden’s first year as successful, down from the 44% who said the same of Obama,” CNN reported about this poll.

Those numbers terrify Democrats.

In 2010, even with about half the country believing the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency was successful, Republicans scored the biggest landslide win in the history of the midterm election when the Tea Party wave saw the GOP flip 63 seats in the House of Representatives, six in the Senate, and won back control of six key governors’ mansions.

CNN found the public losing faith in Biden’s handling of the economy and COVID.

“His approval rating for handling the economy has dipped 8 points to 37% since early December, while his ratings for handling coronavirus have dropped 9 points to 45%. And few Americans have deep confidence in Biden to either deal with the economy (18% said they had a lot of confidence in his ability to do so, down from 30% in March 2021) or lead the country out of the coronavirus pandemic (25% had a lot of confidence, down from 42% last spring),” CNN reported.

These two are related as Americans’ faith in Biden was shattered when Biden imposed a state of permanent pandemic by foisting mask mandates and vaccine requirements on the American people.

Here, Biden is trapped by his COVID-manic base.

Seventy-three percent of Democrats refuse to accept that COVID will be a part of life forever and still demand mitigation measures to stop the spread of the virus.

“Views on the best way to move forward are starkly divided by partisanship. Nearly three-quarters of Democrats, 73%, said that stopping the spread should remain the highest priority, while 72% of Republicans and 54% of independents said it was time to learn to live with the virus,” CNN reported.

As long as Biden’s base is trapped in COVID panic porn Biden can’t move on from the pandemic.

Biden’s refusal to accept reality on the pandemic explains – in large part – why the American people view Joe Biden’s presidency as the biggest failure in American history.