The FBI Was Just Exposed In One Massive Scandal Targeting Parents

The FBI Was Just Exposed In One Massive Scandal Targeting Parents

The FBI Was Exposed for Using This Liberal Media Outlet to Spread Lies

Joe Biden’s FBI is on a rampage.

Not only are they ignoring the soaring crime rates in Democrat-run cities across the country, but they’re leveraging their power to politically target those who speak out against Biden’s agenda.

And now, the FBI was just caught red-handed in one massive scandal targeting parents across the country.

The FBI has jut been caught in one massive scandal targeting parents speaking out against mask mandates in school board meetings across the country, and as conservatives in Congress push for answers, the organization is stonewalling all efforts to get to the bottom of who authorized calling parents of school-aged children “domestic terrorists.”

This is nothing new for Biden’s FBI. Ever since he took office, he has worked to transform the top law enforcement agency in the country into a political weapon against his enemies.

At the same time that violent gangs of criminals are looting, rioting, and burning Democrat-run cities to the ground from coast-to-coast, the FBI is not only refusing to do anything about the soaring crime rates in major American cities, but they’re instead focusing their resources targeting parents at school board meetings.

What’s more, any attempt to uncover exactly how this happened is being met with serious resistance from those within the agenda and within Biden’s Department of Justice, including the Attorney General Merrick Garland.

It was Garland’s memo which originally called parents “domestic terrorists” last year, and that memo was then leaked to the public and helped to propel Republicans to massive upset victories in blue states like Virginia and New Jersey in a massive political backlash against those who want to target parents for speaking out against more COVID restrictions and mandates.

Now, months after the political fallout of this memo, Biden’s FBI is trying to do everything in its power to sweep this entire scandal under the rug.

The Washington Examiner reports, “House Republicans argue the FBI is stonewalling and “refusing to accept accountability” for its role in enforcing Attorney General Merrick Garland’s divisive school board memo siccing law enforcement officers on angry parents at school board meetings.”

“GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, who serves as ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, and 17 fellow Republicans sent a Thursday letter obtained by the Washington Examiner to FBI Director Christopher Wray blasting the bureau for not sufficiently answering months of questions despite significant pressure from congressional Republicans,” adds the Washington Examiner.

It’s clear that the FBI will stop at nothing to execute Biden’s wishes and target parents for speaking out against the Democrats’ COVID restrictions.

This, even after many Democrat states have started to open back up in the face of brutal polling which shows the party could suffer dearly in the 2022 midterms, largely because of their draconian response to the virus.

But try as they might, the Biden FBI can’t hide the truth forever.

The Garland Memo has already been made available to the public, and it’s clear that Biden is using America’s law enforcement agencies as a tool to scare his opposition into submission.