Ron DeSantis Just Scored a Landmark Victory Against the Left

Ron DeSantis Just Scored a Landmark Victory Against the Left

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The Left hates Ron DeSantis so much for a good reason.

He consistently manages to score victories against them and expose them for who they are.

Now, they are more furious at DeSantis than ever, after he struck another huge win for freedom.

Florida has been a top tourist destination for a long time. Many Americans, and tourists from around the world, have enjoyed visiting places like Disney World, or Miami, or Key West.

But once COVID hit, and it became clear that DeSantis was going to stand firm against the radical Left and keep Florida open for business, people began swarming to Florida.

Since then, the economy in Florida has boomed, because it has become a haven for people who want their freedom back.

And now, Gov. DeSantis has announced that Florida is setting records for the most visitors in U.S. history.

On Feb. 15th, DeSantis tweeted out “In 2021, nearly 118 million Americans visited Florida, the highest number of domestic travelers in the history of our state. Our fellow Americans know that, in Florida, they can expect sunshine, great hospitality, and freedom.”

DeSantis went on to explain the shocking revenue numbers in a press conference.

“Prior to COVID hitting, in January of 2020, the general revenue estimated for the state of Florida for the 2020-21 fiscal year was $34.4 billion.”

After that, once COVID hit, and travel ground to a halt, economic forecasters predicted a decline in revenue for Florida, estimating only $30.9 billion in revenue for the state.

But then DeSantis announced that Florida would be free from the COVID restrictions that were plaguing the rest of the country. And sure enough, a miracle happened.

“And then what happened, the actual collections as reported in August of 2021 for that fiscal year, was not the $30.9 billion that they revised downward due to COVID. It wasn’t even the $34.4 billion pre-COVID estimate. It was $36.2 billion.”

In other words, once COVID hit, revenue for the state of Florida didn’t go down – it actually went up, because so many people were fleeing their tyrannical states to come there.

This goes beyond tourism, in fact. An article from February of 2021 in Forbes talks about how “South Florida’s real estate market is now officially in super-boom mode.”

“With partial lockdowns and restrictions on indoor dining, entertainment, sports, and gatherings still in effect in many states (with no clear end in sight), any place that offers the opportunity to do anything outside without wearing snow boots and chipping ice is worth paying a premium for right now.”

“Add to that an open economy, fewer masking requirements, relatively low COVID-19 case counts, a booming remote work scene, stable politics, and no state income tax, and it would be easy to think that South Florida’s recent real estate boom could have been predicted.”

It’s clear that freedom really does work. DeSantis has proven that.

And perhaps the reason Democrats and the media attack him so viciously is because they are scared that he would be unbeatable in a 2024 election against Biden, Kamala, or whoever they put up.