CNN’s Sex Scandal Is Even Uglier Than You Imagine

Photo by Josh Hallett via Flickr
Photo by Josh Hallett via Flickr

A massive sex scandal rocked CNN and brought down network President Jeff Zucker.

But there are more shoes dropping.

And the truth about CNN’s sex scandal is even uglier than anyone can imagine.

Jeff Zucker claimed he resigned because he failed to disclose his relationship with CNN executive Allison Gollust.

The relationship became known to Zucker’s bosses after Chris Cuomo’s lawyers brought it to CNN’s attention as part of the lawsuit over CNN failing to payout the 18 million dollars remaining on Chris Cuomo’s contract after Zucker fired Cuomo last year.

Zucker suspended Cuomo after a New York State attorney general report revealed that Chris Cuomo worked behind the scenes to advise his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, after multiple female staffers accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment and assault.

These allegations forced Governor Cuomo to resign last August.

Now the real reason CNN fired Zucker appears to be coming into focus.

Zucker and Gollust – who worked as Governor Andrew Cuomo’s communications director nine years ago – advised Andrew Cuomo in private on how to answer questions during Governor Cuomo’s famed daily COVID briefings that CNN televised on a daily basis.

“While those 11:30 a.m. daily briefings by Andrew were across every network, they boosted ratings in a poorly performing slot for CNN,” a source said to the New York Post.

Gollust and Zucker even advised Cuomo on how to attack Donald Trump.

“Zucker and Gollust even advised Andrew what to say — how to respond and particularly how to hit back at [President Donald] Trump to make it more compelling TV,” the Post also reported.

Zucker’s representatives denied these claims.

“This is 100% false. During a once in a lifetime pandemic when people were desperate for information, CNN and every other network took the briefings live. Jeff of course had a relationship with Andrew Cuomo, as he does with countless other electeds,” Zucker’s representative told the New York Post.

Allegations that Zucker and Gollust helped coach Andrew Cuomo for his press briefings and on how to respond to Donald Trump raised other uncomfortable questions for the corporate media.

Everyone knows members of the press are leftist ideologues that work in service of the Democrat Party and its agenda.

How many other corporate media reporters and executives advise Democrat politicians on how to stage-manage their press briefings and how to hit back at Republicans?

Critics slammed Zucker for turning CNN into a left-wing entertainment channel whose core function was rapid response for the Democrat Party.

The story in the New York Post alleging Zucker and Gollust coached up New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on how to attack Donald Trump in order to create more compelling television revealed CNN’s critics were righter than they knew.