Jill Biden’s Big Plans Crushed

Jill Biden’s Big Plans Crushed


Jill Biden thought that she could use her husband’s presidency to further her own goals.

But all her dreams have been completely destroyed.

Jill Biden got a piece of bad news that crushed all her plans.

Almost two-thirds of American students enroll in college after finishing high school.

Just 41% of first-time full-time college students earn a bachelor’s degree in four years.

And a recent study from the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity found that even if students do graduate on time, many of the degrees don’t have any economic value.

“Some fields of study, including engineering, computer science, nursing, and economics, can produce returns of $1 million or more,” writes author Preston Cooper in the summary of the study. “Others, including art, music, religion, and psychology, often have a zero or even negative net financial value.”

Instead of urging young people to make wise decisions and not to go into debt in order to get worthless degrees, Democrats keep pushing for taxpayers to foot the bill.

President Joe Biden promised to pass free community college as part of his bill.

“I’m going to get it done,” Biden said during a CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper. “And if I don’t, I’ll be sleeping alone for a long time,” he said, likely referring to his wife who teaches a class at a community college.

Now it seems Biden is sleeping alone.

On Monday, First Lady Jill Biden admitted that free community college would not be included in the Democrats’ spending bill.

“One year ago, I told this group that Joe, my husband Joe, was going to fight for community colleges,” Biden said at the Community College National Legislative Summit in Washington, the NYT reported. “But Joe has also had to make compromises. Congress hasn’t passed the Build Back Better legislation — yet. And free community college is no longer a part of that package.”

The first lady previously said it might not be the “right time” to pass a provision providing more free education.

“We knew this wouldn’t be easy,” Biden said, the NYT reported. “Still, like you, I was disappointed. Because, like you, these aren’t just bills or budgets to me, to you, right? We know what they mean for real people, for our students.

“It was a real lesson in human nature that some people just don’t get that,” she added in an unscripted moment.

The Democrats want to talk about feelings instead of numbers because the numbers show that college isn’t an automatic pathway to success.

There are many good jobs that don’t require a college degree.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there are nearly four million skilled labor job vacancies waiting to be filled.

Instead of working to ensure that students are educated to fill the jobs that are available, Democrats just want taxpayers to foot the bill for two more years of education even if it isn’t worth the price.

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