This Liberal Newspaper Got Shut Down When They Tried to Smear Joe Rogan

This Liberal Newspaper Got Shut Down When They Tried to Smear Joe Rogan


One Left-wing reporter went on a mission to dig up dirt on Joe Rogan.

But he had a nasty surprise waiting for him that he didn’t expect.

Now, his liberal newspaper is paying the price for their dishonesty.

Joe Rogan runs the biggest talk show in America. But the liberal media hates him because he doesn’t submit to their dishonest narratives.

That’s why they are all coming together and telling lies to try to destroy him.

One reporter at the Boston Globe took that to another level. He contacted one of Rogan’s best friends, comedian Tim Dillon, to try to dig up dirt on Rogan that he could write a story about.

The reporter, Mark Shanahan, sent Dillon’s producer an email that read: “Hi, I’m a reporter at the Globe and I’m working on a piece about – who else – Joe Rogan. I know Tim is a pal and I’m wondering if he might have a few minutes to talk about Joe and all that that entails at the moment. Let me know. Thank you.”

He was hoping Dillon would tell him something damaging that he could use to take Rogan down once and for all.

However, that’s not what he got.

Instead, Dillon shot back an absolutely hilarious, and viciously sarcastic, retort that was way more than what Shanahan bargained for.

He pretended to be a QAnon conspiracy theorist and said this in his reply email:

“Hey Mark, Joe was killed last year with most other celebrities and politicians. What you’re seeing now is a body double. Trump and the military executed him along with many others for the crime of human trafficking. Biden is actually a body double and Trump and the military are still running the government (Thank God!) This will all come to light in time. But yes I’m available to discuss this and many other things.”

He signed it off with “WWG1WGA,” which is one of QAnon’s slogans.

Of course, Dillon was completely joking. He’s not a QAnon believer or a supporter. He’s just a sarcastic comedian.

But he was completely unwilling to play the media’s game and smear his best friend. So instead of giving the reporter what he wanted, he shut the reporter down in the most hilarious way possible.

One can only wonder if this reporter will be dumb enough to take Dillon’s response seriously. After all, liberal media reporters are not exactly known for their sense of humor.

Perhaps there will be a story forthcoming in the Boston Globe about how “Joe Rogan’s friend believes in QAnon conspiracy theories.”

Either way, the Rogan saga is not even close to being over.

The Left knows that they can’t completely cancel him.

But as Saul Alinsky once taught them, they are trying to “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.”

Rogan is the target they have picked. And they are trying to freeze, personalize, and polarize him by labeling him as a racist right-winger.

By doing that, they can take the widespread influence he has.

And if they can take down someone as huge as Joe Rogan, they can truly take down anybody.