Jordan Peterson Just Struck a Devastating Blow Against the Joe Rogan Cancel Mob


The Left-wing lunatics who tried to cancel Joe Rogan are reeling.

Jordan Peterson hit them with something they didn’t expect.

And now Joe Rogan is even stronger than he was before.

Jordan Peterson is one of the smartest conservative intellectuals of the modern age. He has articulated the principles of individual freedom in a way that few others have.

That’s why the Left absolutely despises him. And they despise Joe Rogan, too, for having Peterson on his show so many times.

Now that Joe Rogan is the #1 worldwide target of the censorship mob, Jordan Peterson has leapt to his defense, delivering a stirring speech about how much more relevant Rogan is than the mainstream press.

Peterson also predicted how the Rogan saga would play out over time.

“I know how this is going to turn out. It’s turned out in my life like 50 times this way. The heat goes on, the pressure’s on, you’re in the desert, it’s unpleasant. You wait it out. You haven’t done anything wrong. You wait it out. You don’t apologize, you don’t back down. You wait it out.”

Peterson is right, and as it turns out, that’s exactly what Rogan did.

He did apologize for some things he had said in the distant past – a decade earlier – that were genuinely wrong.

“It’s so funny, especially watching CNN go after him. You know the mainstream media, they keep treating Joe like he’s the fringe. These legacy news media sources are dying. All their really competent people have already gone off to do other things, because they could. And so they’re living in like 1975.”

He was right to do that. Apologizing for things you have done that are genuinely wrong is good.

But he refused to apologize for being who he is. He never made any promises not to exercise his free speech in the future. He never promised to only air CNN-approved views.

And on his most recent episode of his podcast, the first since the censorship mob came for him, he lashed out at the censors for performing a “political hit job.”

This did not make CNN happy at all. You see, CNN has been leading the charge to cancel Rogan, more than anyone else.

Their anchors Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta have been pleading with Spotify to remove Rogan from air.

But after Spotify refused to remove him, anchor Alisyn Camerota was beside herself with frustration at her lack of success in censoring Joe Rogan.

“Well, I’ll admit, I’m out of ideas for what to do about Joe Rogan,” she said. “I’m officially out of ideas.”

CNN is incredible jealous of Rogan’s success, as he routinely pulls in more than 10 times as many viewers as they do for their prime-time shows.

They believe that only people like them – “credentialed journalists” from the “top schools” – should be allowed to voice their views to a national audience.

But they are failing. And the future of American political discourse looks a lot more like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan than it does like Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter.