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Viewers Stunned by Fight Between Fox News Hosts


Photo by Johnny Silvercloud on Flickr
Photo by Johnny Silvercloud on Flickr

Fox News prides itself on its on-air talent sticking together.

But that all changed in a very public way.

And two popular Fox News hosts got into a major fight that left viewers stunned into silence.

As American Patriot Daily reports:

Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy are two of three co-hosts of the popular “Fox and Friends” morning show.

During a recent broadcast the two engaged in a heated back and forth over COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

From the start of the pandemic Doocy’s always been a COVID “Karen” – someone who is a stickler for the rules – and supported masks and vaccines.

Doocy and Kilmeade got into it when discussing a viral clip from liberal comedian Bill Maher’s HBO show where center-left commentator Bari Weiss declared herself done with COVID due to the availability of vaccines and the constant shifting of the goal posts by so-called public health “experts.”

Maher’s left-wing in-studio audience burst into applause, and many took this as a sign that even liberals tired of Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci’s permanent state of pandemic emergency.

Kilmeade agreed and said the time was now to move on with life and accept that COVID was here to stay.

“The survivability is 98 percent. And you want to live your life running around hiding for two and a half years? Are you kidding? She’s 100 percent right,” Kilmeade stated.

Doocy then – despite the fact that he is fully vaccinated – defended mask wearing, vaccines and staying away from large gatherings citing his own age.

“I’m certainly not hiding, I’m just being careful,” Doocy responded. “A lot of people, I’m in my 60’s, a lot of people over 60 are being careful because they don’t want it and it’s killing 10,000 people a week.”

Kilmeade then ripped the Dr. Faucis and other public health dictators who lied and got everything wrong during the pandemic.

“But it’s frustration and reality. Frustration because we are listening to people that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and ruining lives at the same time,” Kilmeade added.

These so-called “experts” pushed unscientific mitigation measures such as closing businesses, forcing Americans to wear ineffective cloth masks and shutting down schools for over a year and then mandating children wear masks despite the obvious risks to their social and academic development.

Kilmeade tore into these public health tyrants for lying, constantly shifting their guidance and then never admitting they were wrong when what they once claimed were conspiracy theories and misinformation turned out to be facts and truth.

“Almost everything they said has been contradicted over the last two and a half years. And if you listen to them and are careful and you get it anyway and you did exactly what they said and then they change the rules and never acknowledge that they told us the wrong stuff, that’s what drives people crazy. We have destroyed our lives with people who are making it up as they go along and they are still in charge, like Anthony Fauci. And the CDC director has never been more over her head, she drowns on a daily basis and no one is giving her any help. We have a president out there who can’t stop cursing instead of answering questions,” Kilmeade concluded.

Doocy is one of the voices at Fox News that bought into the panic porn and hysteria that the Dr. Faucis of the world whipped up for two years.

And even though the science and data proved Dr. Fauci was a charlatan with an unyielding desire for power, Steve Doocy still defended all the failed public health “measures” Dr. Fauci foisted on the country to disastrous effect.

Reprinted courtesy of Liberal Hack Watch