Michigan Pays $550k for Forcing LGBT Adoptions

Michigan Pays $550k for Forcing LGBT Adoptions


Michigan tried to force St. Vincent Catholic Charities to place children into LGBT homes for adoption– but it backfired big time.

LGBT activists thought they could get away with their scheme to eradicate the traditional family – but St. Vincent sued the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services – and won.

As a result – the Department was forced to pay $550k in attorney fees for the battle– and just wait until you hear the details.

It all started back in 2019 when the Department decided to end their contract with the adoption agency – simply because St. Vincent believed every child should have a mother and a father.

Instead of letting the faith-based organization live out their beliefs – Michigan tried to play hardball.

But they lost, big time.

Christian Headlines reported:

“St. Vincent then sued the state. It won multiple rounds in court, although a U.S. Supreme Court decision in a separate case appears to have swayed the state. Last year, the high court ruled that the city of Philadelphia violated the First Amendment when it tried forcing a Catholic foster care agency to place children in same-sex homes. The decision was unanimous (9-0).

Under a settlement between St. Vincent and the state of Michigan, the agency will maintain its contract with the state, and the state will not force it to place children in LGBT homes. Further, the state will pay St. Vincent $550,000 in attorney’s fees and costs. Becket Fund for Religious Liberty represented St. Vincent.” 

Praise God for this major victory!

Forcing a faith-based organization to place a child into an LGBT home is beyond horrific.

But leftists always try to use their positions of power to bully everyone into accepting their agendas.

Thankfully, St. Vincent had the courage to stay true to their Biblical beliefs and fight the good fight.

Now, countless children will be safe, and have the opportunity to grow up in loving homes, each with a mother and a father.

Sadly, not all adoption agencies have “held the line.”

As Christian Life Daily previously reported, Bethany Christian Services caved to LGBT pressure and agreed to let LGBT couples adopt children.

Instead of standing firm in their Christian faith – they caved – placing countless children into unthinkable circumstances.

God’s design for a child to grow up with a mother and a father is a critical part of a child’s development.

Placing a child into a home with “two dads” or “two moms” only creates confusion in a child’s mind – and plants a seed of doubt.

Our children need people to fight on their behalf.

Thankfully, St. Vincent stood up to the state of Michigan – let’s hope other adoption agencies across the country also hold-the-line!