A New Poll Shows Biden is Finished if This Governor Runs

A New Poll Shows Biden is Finished if This Governor Runs

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Joe Biden is in denial about how much America hates him.

He doesn’t realize that he could lose in 2024.

And a new poll shows how deep his trouble really is, especially if this candidate runs.

Ron DeSantis has been, in many ways, the hero of the COVID pandemic. He has said no to the public health bureaucracy and refused to ruin his state with lockdowns and mandates.

In the process, he has turned Florida into a destination for millions of Americans who want to escape COVID tyranny and experience freedom – and warm weather – once again.

In fact, conservative events like CPAC have now permanently moved to Florida because it is the only place that will give them true freedom.

Now, a new poll from Marquette is showing just how much of a threat DeSantis really is to Biden if he runs for President in 2024.

Out of all the potential Republican contenders, including Trump, DeSantis gets the highest numbers against Biden.

And even more concerningly for Biden, he comes in under 50% against DeSantis. This is always a huge red flag for an incumbent President.

Additionally, a new poll of Florida shows that DeSantis is overwhelmingly beating Biden among the voters who know him the best.

Florida, of course, is one of America’s biggest swing states, as evidenced by the famous 2000 recount between George W. Bush and Al Gore.

DeSantis has a 52%-44% lead over Biden in Florida, which shows that once voters get to know him, they realize how much better of a choice he is than the incompetent old man in the White House.

According to Florida Politics, “Pollsters also tested a potential 2024 showdown between DeSantis and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. DeSantis won that one handily with 53% support, 13 points ahead of Clinton. The poll found 61% of male voters would back DeSantis.”

“The polling also found the Governor well-positioned in his re-election battle no matter which Democrat he faces in November.”

DeSantis’s numbers can be traced to the fact that he stands for America First policies, and has been the most successful politician in America at actually implementing those policies.

In the process, he has transformed Florida into one of the most thriving states in the entire country, with people flocking from all over to escape COVID tyranny and find freedom again.

He has taken the ideas of America First, and actually made them a reality in one of the largest states in America. It is nothing short of astonishing what he has managed to do with the state of Florida.

America needs a transformation like that too, and a lot of voters are beginning to look to DeSantis as the guy to achieve that.

As long as he keeps winning fight after fight against the radical Left, the liberal media, and Anthony Fauci in Florida, his stock will continue to rise.

And that is all thanks to the policies that Ron DeSantis has put in place to keep freedom alive and defeat Fauci.