White House Threatening to Ban Joe Rogan

The White House Just Threatened to Ban Joe Rogan


Joe Biden is on a rampage against the United States Constitution.

He is tearing the First Amendment to shreds.

And now he is threatening to ban the most popular podcaster in America for having the “wrong opinions.”

Joe Rogan has been a cultural phenomenon for years, routinely getting three times as many viewers on his podcast as mainstream TV networks get on their shows.

He does this by being neither a right-wing conservative or a left-wing liberal, but by seeking the truth and asking important questions.

Many people on the right have taken an interest in Rogan, because he is an independent voice. They may not agree with him on everything, but they find him thoughtful and interesting.

It’s not enough that he is politically independent and agrees with them on certain issues. They believe anyone who doesn’t obey their commands 100% should be attacked, punished, and banned.

They have been extremely frustrated by their inability, so far, to get Rogan banned.

After all, Rogan is so popular that he effectively can’t be canceled. His millions of viewers would find a way to watch him no matter what.

That’s why the Left is taking a new approach – they are asking the government to step in.

And the Biden administration is going along with their demands.

In a press conference, Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki suggested that Spotify’s recent move to add COVID disclaimers to certain episodes was not enough.

She said there was “more that could be done.”

The only thing “more” that Spotify could do is to remove Rogan from their platform entirely.

And as Allahpundit of the conservative site HotAir.com said in response to her statements, “Government doesn’t make suggestions, it sets rules. And so its ‘suggestions’ will always be viewed as threats. Either Psaki keeps forgetting that or she has it very much in mind in saying stuff like this, which makes it cheerfully sinister.”

“Questions about what a private company should do in matters of speech should always draw the same reply from politicians and their flacks: No comment. Any ‘suggestion’ for action backed by the regulatory power of the government is never really a suggestion. Even if Psaki sincerely meant it that way, Spotify will listen to a soundbite like the one below and naturally wonder what it might mean for their business if they ignore her exhortation to ‘do more.’”

“Will the feds try to retaliate? Will Spotify find doors slammed in its face in Washington if and when a policy issue comes up that catches the attention of its lobbyists?”

It’s clear as day what Jen Psaki, and the entire Bidenadministration,, is trying to do here: they are trying to intimidate Spotify into banning the most popular podcaster in America.

They are directly trying to criminalize free speech. They are destroying the First Amendment, and destroying America in the process. They have to be stopped.

However, the Left is in the midst of a moral panic about Rogan. They are desperate to take him off the air.