Celebrities Use Their Fame to Promote Abortion Rights for Minors

Celebrities Use Their Fame to Promote Abortion Rights for Minors

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We’ve reached a dark day in our nation where celebrities are using their public fame to harm young girls.

Pretending to be for “women’s rights” – celebrities are coming out in full force demanding more abortion rights – even advocating the “rights” of underage girls to kill their own babies.

But in an era of human-trafficking and sexual assault – encouraging abortions for underage girls isn’t simply morally wrong – it’s deadly.

You see, sexual predators thrive on secrecy.

When they abuse a girl, and she gets pregnant, they are quick to find ways to force her to get an abortion so they can hide their crime – and continue abusing her.

Some underage women have had multiple abortions – leaving permanent scarring and emotional trauma.

Allowing underage girls to get abortions simply gives sexual predators they ability to continue abusing these young victims.

Often, if a parent had known their underage daughter was at an abortion clinic – they could have rescued them.

But the left is utterly obsessed with expanding access to abortion – even if it endangers young girls.

They work overtime to create division between parents and their children – encouraging kids to act without parental consent – even when getting an abortion.

In the latest media push, several well-known stars, like Jane Fonda and Cyndi Lauper, signed their names to a demand letter pushed by a pro-abort coalition called Abortion Within Reach.

The ridiculous letter spells out demands like:

“We demand support for and access to a full range of abortion options free from criminalization, stigma, and harassment, including but not limited to in-clinic care, medication abortion by mail, and self-managed abortion…

We demand that young people have the explicit legal right to consent to their own sexual and reproductive health care needs with full protection for their privacy and confidentiality and that young people have full access to the reproductive health services they may need, including but not limited to abortion, birth control, and comprehensive sex education that is sex-positive and LGBTQIA+ affirming.”

For this group, a young girl having the “privacy” to get an abortion is a higher priority than making sure she is safe from sexual predators.

Truly horrific.

Not to mention, there are actually abortionists who enjoy what they do, and boast about how it feels “great” to help women kill their babies.

The attitude and situation are truly dark.

Satan has blinded many, deceiving them into believing they are doing something “good.”

Those who use their public positions to advocate for the slaughter of innocent lives will be held accountable by God – but in the meantime, we must never stop praying for their repentance – and we must continue to use our own voices to advocate for life.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.” – John 3:16-17

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Reprinted courtesy of Christian Life Daily