The George Bush Dynasty Made Millions From This Bloody Communist Government

The George Bush Dynasty Made Millions From This Bloody Communist Government

Bush for RNN

It turns out the Biden family isn’t the only political dynasty getting rich off of communism.

Now we find out the “darling” of the GOP elite, George Bush, and his family were raking in blood-soaked communist cash as well.

Because according to this new book, the Bush dynasty made millions off of this bloody communist government.

For decades the Bush family has been considered about as close to American royalty as you can get.

After all, who didn’t love Barbara Bush?

And George H.W. Bush was an American hero, a real dedicated public servant, and all-around swell guy, wasn’t he?

And look at their kids, a president, a governor, and an entire family of American leaders.

But as is often the case, there is far more than meets the eye with this iconic American family, and it’s not all baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie.

We’ve all seen the news recently of the Biden family’s ties to Communist China, especially troubled son Hunter.

In fact, it’s being reported that the Biden family has raked in a decent $31 million from the Communist Chinese government in Beijing.

Now, the world is learning that the Bush family has been getting rich off of the ChiComms for decades.

Peter Schweizer’s latest book, “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” has the nation’s capital talking with his stories of political corruption at the highest levels, on both sides of the aisle.

And it’s the names other than Biden that are beginning to surface that have many Americans now gaining an understanding of

why politicians sometimes act the way they do towards our enemies.

And what better family to highlight than the Bushes.

According to Schweizer, one of the longest and most lucrative ties between the Chinese Communist Party and the American political elite is the one developed decades ago by former President George H.W. Bush and the CCP in Beijing.

In fact, the senior Bush was so loved by the ChiComms while he served as America’s top diplomat to Communist China that then-President of China Den Xiaoping threw him a lavish going away party in 1975.

Xiaoping also called the Bushes “old friends.”

Bush’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party deepened even more under Jiang Zemin who was mayor of Shanghai when the Tiananmen Square massacre occurred in 1989, but then took over as the CCP chairman.

Zemin became the face of the massacre for defending it in public and heavily censoring any mention of it in the communist nation.

It is believed that Communist Chinese troops killed as many as 10,000 unarmed pro-democracy protesters in the massacre.

Yet, Schweizer reports the Bush family allegedly benefited from their relationship with Zemin during this time when then-President Bush’s brother, Prescott, “closed a deal to build a golf club in Shanghai for foreign business executives.”

This information is just the beginning of what Schweizer is revealing about not just the Bush family, but how many of America’s political elite have deep financial ties to the communist regime.

In other words, while our political elites lock us down and destroy our free speech here at home, they are profiting off of blood money from communist nations like China.

No wonder politicians in both parties continue to allow Communist China to literally get away with murder.