Hillary Clinton May Replace Joe Biden as President

Hillary Clinton May Replace Joe Biden as President

Hillary Clinton

Rumors continue to float around Washington that Hillary Clinton will run for president again.

But there may be another path for Clinton.

And Hillary Clinton may replace Joe Biden as president with this huge job switch.

Everyone thought Hillary Clinton’s political career ended when Donald Trump defeated her in the 2016 presidential election.

But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ sliding poll numbers handed Clinton the opening for a comeback.

Recent polls in swing states like New Hampshire and Georgia showed over 60 percent of voters disapproved of Biden.

Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield predicted that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer retiring provided the Democrat Party a chance to reshuffle the deck for 2024.

Stinchfield pointed out that Biden’s racist announcement that he would only consider a black woman for his nominee to replace Breyer created the chance to place Kamala Harris on the Supreme Court.

“Nothing like limiting your choices to just a Black woman or just a Hispanic this or an Asian that, I mean, unbelievable. Liberal Supreme Court justice. This is why this matters today,” Stinchfield stated. “Stephen Breyer just gave [President] Joe Biden and, more importantly, the Democrats a gift with his announced retirement at the end of the term. Joe Biden will have the chance to appoint a successor and his spokesperson, Jen Psaki, claims Joe will stand by his campaign promise to nominate a Black woman.”

Harris moving over to the Supreme Court would create a vacancy in the White House.

Stinchfield predicted that Biden could pick Hillary Clinton as his new vice president.

“For Democrats there could be no better choice than Kamala Harris. Not because she’d make a great justice, she wouldn’t. She would be a left-wing activist. But tapping her would give Democrats a chance to rescue themselves for 2024 following Joe Biden’s epic failure as president here. Joe can’t win, neither can Kamala, in 2024. So with her out of the way, appointing her to the Supreme Court, he can tap a potential contender through the Democrat bench, though that’s a bench that is very weak.

“But what if, folks, what if he picked Hillary Clinton to be his vice president? Oh boy. Then what if he picks Hillary Clinton and then decides to resign a short time later? Hillary gets the White House and then ultimately the chance to run as an incumbent. If you don’t think that they’re thinking about this, think again,” Stinchfield added.

It is highly unlikely that Biden will put Kamala Harris on the Supreme Court.

But there is a chance Hillary Clinton could run for president again.

A recent Morning Consult poll of a 2024 Democrat presidential primary field without Joe Biden showed Hillary Clinton just six points behind Kamala Harris.

Few Democrats think Kamala Harris can win a general election.

Clinton recently resurfaced with numerous media interviews road testing a message warning about the so-called “danger” Donald Trump presents to democracy, but also cautioning Democrats against embracing socialism.

Clinton’s aides published op-eds promoting the idea of a Hillary 2024 candidacy.

It is unlikely that Hillary Clinton would take Kamala Harris’ place as vice president.

But the possibility of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2024 should not be discounted.