The FBI Was Just Caught Red-Handed In One Massive Spying Scandal

The FBI Was Just Caught Red-Handed In One Massive Spying Scandal

The FBI Was Just Caught Red Handed In One Massive Spying Scandal

For years, Americans suspected that the government worked around the clock to keep tabs on them.

Now, the truth is finally coming out.

And it’s all because the FBI was just caught in one massive ploy to spy on hundreds of millions of Americans.

The FBI has been engaged in one of the largest attempts to violate Americans’ Fourth Amendments rights in history, according to a new report.

For years, the FBI worked to set up software to allow them to hack into smartphones for millions of Americans.

And now, this information is finally coming to light after America’s top surveillance agency tried to keep it under wraps.

The New York Times reports, “It is widely regarded as the world’s most potent spyware, capable of reliably cracking the encrypted communications of iPhone and Android smartphones. The software, Pegasus, made by an Israeli company, NSO Group, has been able to track terrorists and drug cartels. It has also been used against human rights activists, journalists and dissidents.”

The New York Times adds, “Now, an investigation published Friday by The New York Times Magazine has found that Israel, which controls the export of the spyware, just as it does the export of conventional weapons, has made Pegasus a key component of its national security strategy, using it to advance its interests around the world.”

This scandal is on the same scale as the NSA scandal that broke during the Obama era, when Edward Snowden revealed that the Federal government was operating a massive surveillance state against millions of Americans.

Now, it’s clear that this surveillance state is far deeper than previously imagined.

Not only is the Federal government violating the constitutional rights of millions of Americans at home and abroad, but they’re exploring new ways to make this process even more efficient.

And this has led to the FBI working with an Israeli company to set up spyware to allow them to hack into people’s cell phones.

“The U.S. had also moved to acquire Pegasus, The Times found. The F.B.I., in a deal never previously reported, bought the spyware in 2019, despite multiple reports that it had been used against activists and political opponents in other countries. It also spent two years discussing whether to deploy a newer product, called Phantom, inside the United States,” adds the New York Times.

This spyware would represent a truly Orwellian breakthrough for the Federal surveillance state, allowing the FBI and other federal agencies to hack into the communications of literally hundreds of millions of Americans across the country.

In effect, it would mean the complete end of the Fourth Amendment.

What’s more, it’s clear that this is only the beginning.

With the development ofthis breakthrough piece of spyware technology, it seems an arms race is being developed within the military industrial complex to construct even more efficient means to spy  on everyday Americans, including companies stationed within the United States itself.

The New York Times concludes, “American companies have been trying to build their own tools that could hack phones with the ease of NSO’s “zero click” technology. One of those companies, Boldend, told Raytheon, the defense-industry giant, in January 2021, that it could hack WhatsApp, the popular messaging service owned by Facebook, but then lost the capability after a WhatsApp update.”