Biden’s Pro-Abort Task Force Launched as Americans ‘March for Life’

Biden Launched a Pro-Abort Task Force on the Same Day Americans Marched for Life

Joe Biden

At the 49th annual March for Life, more than 150,000 people gathered in Washington D.C. to speak out against abortion and rally for life.

On the very same day – President Biden and his pals had other plans – wanting to make it known abortion is here to stay.

They decided to launch a new pro-abort “task force” – and once you hear the chilling details – you’re bound to be horrified.

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Xavier Becerra, is in an absolute frenzy over the many pro-life laws sweeping the nation.

Christian Life Daily previously warned about the disastrous consequences for unborn babies should pro-abort Becerra ever become America’s HHS secretary.

Now that Becerra is in that office, pro-abort actions are playing out.

To ensure more women can continue to kill their babies, Becerra launched the “Reproductive Healthcare Access Task Force” composed of “senior HHS officials” whose main job is to “bolster access to essential sexual and reproductive care.”

In other words – their job is to make sure that more women are traumatized by abortion – and that more babies die.

Of course – their first targets are states that have passed pro-life legislation.

Live Action reported:

“After outlining the task force’s objectives, which include eliminating policies that could stand in the way of reproductive rights, and expanding reproductive healthcare — i.e., abortion — both nationally and globally, the HHS statement reiterates that it is fighting back against those states that have passed abortion restrictions, saying, “Domestically, more state abortion restrictions were passed in 2021 than any other year since Roe v. Wade was decided… Such barriers have had implications for access to reproductive health care and can have far-ranging consequences.”

Even though Biden has already made it super easy for women to get abortions with a simple pop of a pill – his administration doesn’t think they’ve gone far enough.

They’re always looking for more ways to aide women in taking the lives of their babies.

The Biden administration made their abhorrence for life apparent when – of all the days they could pick to announce this “task force” –      they do it on the same day Americans have gathered from all around the country to pray for unborn babies during the March for Life.

Truly horrific!

This move is on par with Biden’s previous actions – such as pledging to codify Roe V. Wade on its 48th anniversary.

Biden’s obsession with abortions spans his entire administration; many of their policies prove they don’t value life.

Catholic leaders have called out Biden’s pro-abort policies – demanding he stop hiding behind his “faith” to justify abortion.

As the Reproductive Healthcare Access Task Force carries out their duties – we are bound to see the battle for life intensify.

As Christians, we know that our true battle is in the spiritual realm.

We must continue to pray for our leaders – that they will repent from their anti-life ways and turn toward life.