CNN Is Terrified You Will See the Results of This Jaw-Dropping Poll


CNN Is Terrified You Will See the Results of This Jaw-Dropping Poll

CNN and the rest of the corporate media are panicking.

The public backlash is building.

And CNN is terrified you will see the results of this jaw-dropping poll.

CNN and other corporate media outlets like The New York Times and the Washington Post, the three main broadcast networks, all view themselves as the arbiters of “truth.”

These corporate media outlets now demand tech companies censor all viewpoints that Democrats disagree with.

However, there is no institution that spreads more misinformation than the corporate media.

But the corporate media’s support for political censorship and being a super spreader of lies help explain why the TIPP/I&I poll found trust in the corporate media declined to the lowest level on record at just 40 percent among all Americans.

“The Traditional Media Index, which includes such major legacy media as the Washington Post, New York Times, NPR and CBS, among others, fell to 40.2 in January from 43.3 in the final month of 2021, a 7% decline. January’s reading was the second-lowest since the index was created last March,” TIPP wrote about their poll.

The TIPP/I&I poll showed that when asked an open-ended question to describe the corporate media, eight of the top 14 answers were negative.

In fact, the number one answer was “biased” and the answer that came in last place was “unbiased.”

“In descending order of mentions, poll respondents described the big media as: ‘biased’ (22%), ‘responsible’ (19%), ‘fair’ (16%), ‘honest’ (16%), ‘fake news’ (15%), ‘dishonest’ (15%), ‘liberal’ (15%), ‘balanced’ (14%), ‘irresponsible’ (13%), ‘Democrats’ allies’ (12%), ‘adheres to high standards of journalism’ (12%), ‘divisive’ (12%), ‘single-minded’ (10%), and ‘unbiased’ (9%). 14% of respondents could not answer the question,” TIPP wrote about the poll.

TIPP added that the poll overwhelmingly showed that moderates and conservatives distrusted the media, but that media elites doubled down on their biased and pro-Democrat conduct and coverage writing:

Like it or not, moderate and conservative Americans frequently see the establishment media as an adjunct to the Democratic Party and the liberal elite that often run the nation’s major academic institutions, think tanks and large bureaucracies.

Despite this, much of the media appear unapologetic and even defiant in their refusal to address even perceptions of bias or factual dishonesty.

For the last five years the corporate media sacrificed all its credibility spreading one lie after another about Donald Trump.

Corporate media outlets went all in on the baseless and deranged conspiracy theory that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election.

Eight of the top 14 words to describe the media are negative because Americans saw through the media’s transparent attempt to stage a coup to oust Trump using the Russian collusion hoax.

And as TIPP pointed out, instead of addressing the issues that caused the public to turn against the corporate media the reporters and executives believe the problem is they are not partisan or pro-Democrat enough.

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