The bottom continues to fall out from underneath Joe Biden and his failed presidency


Joe Biden Got Some Shocking News in a Poll That Had Trump Grinning From Ear to Ear

The bottom continues to fall out from underneath Joe Biden and his failed presidency.

Democrats in Washington and across the country are panicking.

Liberals’ anxiety level grew because Joe Biden got smacked with this shocking news in a poll that had Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear.

The latest Harvard-Harris poll found just 39 percent of Americans approved of Joe Biden’s job as president.

Biden registering an approval rating in the 30s is not startling – multiple polls show Biden’s approval plunging into that politically toxic territory.

Nor was Biden’s approval rating the most concerning number from this poll.

What should scare Democrats the most is that Harvard-Harris found Donald Trump a plus 3 favorability rating with 47 percent approving of Trump and 44 percent disapproving.

Thanks to a four-year-long corporate media smear campaign constructed on a foundation of lies about Russia, Ukraine, COVID and every other manufactured “scandal,” Donald Trump never reached positive favorability ratings.

Trump also was more popular than every other political figure polled.

John Nolte of Breitbart wrote:

So Trump’s net favorability rating is 17 points higher than Biden’s, 18 points above Kamala’s, 21 points above Hillary’s, and 25 points above Pelosi’s…

Is this an outlier poll? Yes, but not entirely. Harvard-Harris is a rare reputable pollster. Additionally, a lot of pollsters don’t gauge favorability, and this poll is our most up-to-date look at this specific characteristic.

Also, in the RealClearPolitics poll of polls on favorability, Trump beats all the same people. The margin is not as wide, but still… Biden is down -12.2 net points, Kamala is down -16.4 net points, and Trump is only down -9.0 net points.

Harvard-Harris also tested a Trump-Biden 2024 rematch.

Those poll numbers showed Donald Trump leading Joe Biden 46 to 40 percent.

Poll numbers like these are why Donald Trump continues to drop hints that he will run for president in 2024.

The latest Trump breadcrumb about 2024 came from an Instagram video posted from a golfing partner of Trump.

When Trump stepped up to his tee shot the playing partner declared “first on tee, 45th President of the United States…”

Trump immediately interjected the “Forty-fifth and 47th,” meaning that Trump intended to run for president and win two years from now.

“Yes,” the playing partner exclaimed. “I love that.”

No president ever lost more public support in a quicker period of time than Joe Biden.

One year ago, Joe Biden’s average approval rating in the RealClearPolitics polling had an average of 55.5 percent with 36 percent of Americans disapproving.

Twelve months later RealClearPolitics’ polling averages find a complete reversal with 55 percent disapproving and 40 percent approving.

And those pitiful poll numbers created the opening for Donald Trump to make the Democrats’ nightmare scenario of Trump winning a second term come true.

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