Trump Puts USA Before Biden

Trump Puts USA Before Biden

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Sean Hannity interviewed Donald Trump for Hannity’s Fox News show.

As usual, Trump made headlines. But not for the reason anyone expected.

Donald Trump told Sean Hannity something Hannity never expected to hear.

In the course of the interview, Hannity brought up Joe Biden’s humiliating nearly two-hour press conference.

Hannity hammered Biden for Biden’s embarrassing performance at the press conference where Biden tried to spin a failed presidency into a success.

Surprisingly, Trump offered up a different take.

Instead, Trump criticized Biden more out of sorrow than anger telling Hannity that he wished Biden would perform well as president.

“I want him – forget politics – I want him to do well. He’s got to do well. Our country’s in trouble. What’s happened in the last year, I don’t think we’ve had anything like it in this country. When you look at that horrible situation in Afghanistan, the way they got out. Getting out was good, but the way they got out, we could have got there with strength and with dignity and kept Bagram, which is right next to China. One hour away from where they make their nuclear weapons in China, we should have kept it,” Trump stated.

Hannity pressed Trump on that point stating how everyone in politics says they hope the president does well – even if they are in the other party – but that no one really means it.

“When you say you want him to do well, that’s a rare statement from anybody in politics,” Hannity told Trump. “Secretly, deep down inside, you know what? They don’t want the other side to do well, because they don’t believe their philosophy will work.”

In fact, if the public thought Joe Biden was doing a good job there would be no opening for Trump to run for president in 2024.

Hannity then ripped Biden by refusing to change course and sticking with his failed socialist agenda.

“So you keep banging your head against the wall,” Hannity added before asking Trump, “Why would you expect a different result?”

Trump responded that first he thought Biden opening the borders to hordes of illegal aliens and executing a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan were just part and parcel of Biden being mentally incompetent for the job.

But Trump said he realized Biden inflicted these crises on America on purpose.

“At first, I thought it was gross incompetence, but now, it is in competent policy.” Trump responded to Hannity. “I still look at it with amazement.”

Democrats clearly want open borders because liberals believe the more illegal aliens that pour into the country the more potential voters they can pick up in the next amnesty scheme.

In Afghanistan, Joe Biden’s always had an America Last foreign policy.

Former Secretary of State Robert Gates said Biden got nearly every major foreign policy decision of the last 40 years wrong.

Biden blundering his way out of Afghanistan was just par for the course.

Still, some viewers were surprised to see Trump take the high road in criticizing Biden.

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