D.C. Erupted After This Judge Stood Up to the Mask Mandate Mob

D.C. Erupted After This Judge Stood Up to the Mask Mandate Mob


One judge stood up against the COVID lockdown mob.

And the media attacked him ruthlessly for it.

Now, D.C. is erupting with wild accusations against one of the bravest conservative judges in America.

Neil Gorsuch is the best judge on the Supreme Court. He has consistently stood up for the Constitution in a way that no one else has – even the other conservative justices.

For example, in Carpenter v. United States, a case that dealt with Deep State surveillance, Gorsuch wrote a dissent where he argued that the Fourth Amendment provides Americans with the right to not be searched by the government without a warrant.

He also stood up for the Second Amendment when the Trump administration banned bump stocks, even when the Court refused to take action to protect the right to bear arms.

Now, Gorsuch is under fire for a brand new reason – he refuses to “mask up” at Supreme Court sessions.

That’s because Gorsuch realizes that if he doesn’t take off his mask now, he’ll never get a chance to. Masking will become a permanent feature of society, just the way Anthony Fauci wants it.

When Chief Justice John Roberts demanded that all the justices wear masks, all of them meekly complied – except for one.

According to NPR, “Chief Justice John Roberts, understanding that, in some form asked the other justices to mask up.”

“They all did. Except Gorsuch.”

This has caused the Left’s heads to explode. In fact, liberal justice Sonia Sotomayor (an Obama appointee) has refused to show up to work ever since Gorsuch took off his mask, choosing instead to call into Supreme Court sessions virtually.

Sotomayor is also the same justice who stated a few weeks ago that 100,000 children are on ventilators from COVID – a hilariously inaccurate statistic, since COVID hardly affects children at all.

It is clear that Sotomayor is a neurotic person who is irrationally freaked out about COVID, and doesn’t want to be near anyone who doesn’t wear a mask.

In fact, it seems like she would prefer to spend the rest of her life in her bedroom.

Ever since this report came out about Gorsuch, the liberal media has been slamming him relentlessly.

CNN said that Gorsuch was putting on a “shocking display of male entitlement” and demanded that men like him “stop using their positions of power to keep women from exercising our own power,” amongst other wildly hateful and bigoted slurs against men.

Newsweek posted an article entitled, “Justice Neil Gorsuch Slammed for Not Wearing Mask, Endangering Diabetic Sonia Sotomayor.”

Other liberal news outlets, including NPR, piled on as well.

Americans need to stop allowing themselves to be controlled by the most neurotic and hypochondriac people in society.

COVID is getting weaker, and for most people is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu at this point.

The death rate from Omicron is dramatically down around the world.

If more people take a brave stand the way Neil Gorsuch did, refusing to wear masks in airports, stores, and other places, America can finally get back to normal.

Reprinted courtesy of Liberty Airwaves