This Cell Phone Setting Could Mean Life or Death On Your Next Flight

This Cell Phone Setting Could Mean Life or Death On Your Next Flight

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Airlines have so many rules they want you to follow that it is hard to keep track- and to take them all seriously.

With the hype around wearing a mask on board your flight it seems all other safety regulations have fallen by the wayside.

But one recommendation wields more power on board an aircraft than it is given credit for – and it’s time everyone stopped worrying about who used hand sanitizer so we can focus on the things that make a difference!

Every month, cell phone companies come out with a new advancement or gadget.

Now, what everybody is looking for is whether the phone is 5G, which is the newest standard for broadband cellular networks.

5G has gained a lot of media attention both for those in favor of the newest telecommunications for its reliability and reach, and for those against it for the potential health risks involved in such a high powered signal.

However, there is another danger of 5G telecommunications that must be considered, especially for the travel enthusiast.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sent out a report warning manufacturers, operators, and pilots to what a 5G device can do on board a flight.

Within the report, the FAA stated there has “not yet been proven reports of harmful interference due to wireless broadband operations internationally,” but that action needs to be taken immediately to “address potential interference with aircraft electronics due to the rise of 5G,” according to Travel and Leisure.

What kind of interference could one cell phone do to a commercial aircraft weighing over 300 tons?

Apparently, more than we thought.

Interference from 5G transmitters and related technology has the potential to cause safety equipment to malfunction that could “affect flight operations,” according to the FAA report.

This is not something you want to be tampered with when you are defying gravity at over 30,000 feet in the air!

As if affecting fight operations isn’t scary enough, the FAA also said the latest broadband network could degrade the safety systems and “other equipment.”

How are the airlines supposed to stop these scary interferences from occurring?

It’s actually very simple.

Pilots need to ask passengers to turn off all electronic devices that are 5G compatible, or switch them to airplane mode for the duration of the flight- and passengers need to comply!

In addition to passengers and airlines doing their part to contribute to a safe flight, the FAA is hoping manufacturers consider “design changes” to correct the issue.

The 5G network is gaining popularity among electronic and gaming enthusiasts for its speed and many carriers are switching over to the network almost exclusively.

With that being said, it is unlikely that 5G is going anywhere or that manufacturers would adjust their systems.

So please consider the safety of you and everyone on board your flight and switch your phones to airplane mode when asked!

Don’t be the person that thinks the recommendations don’t apply to you, because in this case it most certainly does.

Reprinted courtesy of Proud American Living