Tucker Carlson Defended This Man’s Freedom After Biden Locked Him Up

Tucker Carlson Defended This Man’s Freedom After Biden Locked Him Up

Tucker Carlson Defended This Mans Freedom After Biden Locked Him Up

A huge political fight is brewing between Joe Biden and Tucker Carlson.

And the freedom of one man is at stake after Biden locked him up.

Now, Tucker Carlson is punching back, and Joe Biden is furious.

Julian Assange is a journalist who is famous for having broken some of the biggest political stories of the last twenty years.

Unlike fake news journalists at CNN or the New York Times, the stories Assange reports are true and are based on real documents.

In 2010, during the Obama presidency, Assange published documents that embarrassed the Obama administration, showing war crimes that had been committed overseas.

Assange also published the Hillary Clinton email trove, which showed massive corruption between Clinton cronies and the Democratic National Committee.

Of course, these stories were hugely embarrassing to powerful liberals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

So, they all got together and decided Assange had to be punished – even though everything he did was 100% protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Freedom of the press is one of the essential aspects of the First Amendment.

Corporate journalists like Jim Acosta like to pretend that freedom of the press only applies to them, and not “outsiders” like Assange. But they are wrong.

Anyone who publishes information that is in the public interest is a journalist. You do not have to be hired by a corporate media outlet in order to qualify for First Amendment protections.

But that’s not how the Biden administration sees it. They have been seeking to extradite Assange from the UK, where he is locked up in a cage, in order to bring him to the US and lock him up in one of our cages permanently.

And that request was just approved by the UK high court.

That’s why Tucker Carlson has taken up the cause of protecting Julian Assange.

Carlson had Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton, on his show recently. And here’s what Carlson had to say:

“He’s a journalist. He reprinted facts that were deeply embarrassing to our political class and the Democratic National Committee and to, above all, the foreign policy establishment, which has an awful lot to be embarrassed of.”

Carlson also questioned why corporate media reporters aren’t defending Assange, even though they claim to be concerned about “freedom of the press.”

The answer, of course, is that they only want freedom of the press for themselves. They don’t want it to apply to anyone else, and especially not someone who opposes their corrupt agenda.

In fact, Jim Acosta, one of the most corrupt journalists in the world, openly supported Assange’s prosecution at a recent Q&A event after he was asked about it.

Assange, however, has drawn support from leaders and human rights groups all around the world.

He has also drawn bipartisan support from members of Congress, including Congressman Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, who Tweeted “#FreeAssange” after the news broke about his extradition.

The question is whether these political figures and activist groups can put enough pressure on the corrupt Biden administration to stop this illegal prosecution.

Because if not, the First Amendment will be in terrible danger.

Reprinted courtesy of Liberty Airwaves.