Live Nativity Scene Outside the Supreme Court Highlights the Beauty of LIFE

Live Nativity Scene Outside the Supreme Court Highlights the Beauty of LIFE

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As abortion advocates gathered outside the steps of the Supreme Court popping abortion pills and shouting vulgar chants – many looked on in horror.

But to contrast such vileness – another group gathered to demonstrate their freedom of speech by hosting a live nativity scene to call attention to the greatest life of all.

There was praying, singing, and reading of the birth of Jesus from the Gospel of Matthew– and just wait until you hear the message they were trying to send.

CBN News reported:

“The group Faith and Liberty sponsored the live nativity. They present it right next to the Supreme Court as a reminder to Christians across the country they have every legal right to put on such scenes outside their local government facilities. All they usually need is a permit.”

The live nativity scene included live animals like donkey and sheep – and all participants were dressed in traditional clothing.

With so many states trying to eradicate religious freedom – and ban nativity scenes and crosses from their cities – this public display – right next to the United States Supreme Court – stands like a beacon of hope for religious freedom.

This year, the gathering is even more special – as it comes right in the middle of a fierce battle for life.

Charisma News reported:

“This is our 18th year of celebrating the nativity, and coming the day after the beginning of deliberations on finally ending abortion, it is so important to remind our justices and our nation that the story of the birth of our Savior and the birth of the baby Jesus reminds us once again about the battle we are in,” says Faith & Liberty Vice President Peggy Nienaber.”


May we never forget to battle for life.

As Christians, we know ultimately Jesus has already won the battle – so we can pray and fight from a place of victory.

And while the Supreme Court debates pro-life matters – this Christmas season, let us reflect on greatest gift of all – the birth our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Fully God, and fully man, Jesus had a humble birth in a manger, born to be the Savior to the world and save people from their sins – fully reconciling them to God.

Reprinted courtesy of Christian Life Daily