This Foreign Leader Accused Joe Biden of Funding Communist Revolutionaries

This Foreign Leader Accused Joe Biden of Funding Communist Revolutionaries


One world leader made a shocking statement about Joe Biden.

He says he is funding communists in foreign countries.

And now, the Biden administration is defending itself against grave charges.

The U.S. has a long history in the 20th century of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries.

The CIA executed a coup in Iran in 1953, which started a domino effect that led directly to the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the taking of U.S. hostages, and the radical Islamist government that exists there today.

In addition, the CIA funded numerous revolutionary groups in Latin America throughout the latter half of the 20th century.

These are just a few examples out of many. But according to one world leader, the Biden administration is bringing back this shady practice.

Nayib Bukele is the President of El Salvador. He is a pro-life conservative who is also pro-Bitcoin, anti-communist, and hated by the liberal media.

Bukele posted on Twitter accusing the Biden administration of funding communist revolutionaries in his country.

“US taxpayers should know that their government is using their money to fund communist movements against a democratic elected (and with a 90% approval rating) government in El Salvador. It’s not working though. The people of El Salvador won’t go back to that terrible past,” Bukele’s post read.

An official from the Biden administration, Brian Nichols, responded defensively to the tweet from Bukele.

“We condemn Nayib Bukele’s false accusations against @POTUS and other U.S. government officials, including Ambassador Manes and current Charge d’Affaires Brendan O’Brien. These unwarranted personal attacks attempt to distract the Salvadoran people from corruption in the Bukele administration and they damage El Salvador’s relationship with the U.S.”

Bukele responded to this by leaking text messages showing that the U.S. was pushing hard to have a drug kingpin released from prison in El Salvador.

“False accusations? Is it false that Jean Manes asked me to release Neto Muyshondt (captured in video giving tens of thousands of US dollars to gang members)? Do you want me to continue?”

There was no further response from Nichols.

In a post about this topic, RedState had this to say: “We work with less than perfect leaders in countries all over the world, including actual dictators. But it’s El Salvador that we want to try to bully over a guy who appears to be legitimately in jail for working with the narcos? Notice that the US has not questioned the validity of charges against Muyshondt. So what exactly is going on here?”

It appears that the Biden administration is attempting to bring back the good old days of the CIA importing drugs from Latin America and interfering in the politics of other countries.

And even worse, it seems that they are supporting communist revolutionaries, if Bukele’s tweet is correct.

Nayib Bukele is not a perfect leader by any stretch. He has shown some authoritarian impulses that we would not wish to replicate here in the US.

But his imperfections are not the point here. What matters is how the Biden administration is recklessly wreaking havoc around the world, and apparently funding communists.

Reprinted courtesy of Liberty Airwaves.