Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr
Photo by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Joe Biden is in trouble.

There is no denying it or trying to hide it.

And Joe Biden got hit with some bad news that no Democrat was prepared for.

The Wall Street Journal debuted a new poll that contained an avalanche of bad news for the Democrats.

The top line showed just 41 percent of Americans approved of Joe Biden’s job as president with 57 percent disapproving.

A head-to-head matchup with Donald Trump showed a statistical tie with Biden winning 46 percent of the vote and Trump taking 45 percent.

Even that was terrible news for Biden because any race that close would tip to Trump based on Trump’s advantage with how swing voters are distributed in the Electoral College.

But the real shotgun blast to the chest of the Democrats’ political prospects came in the poll’s findings that for 2020, 37 percent of Latino voters preferred Democrats to control Congress and 37 percent of Latinos picked Republicans.

To put the scope of this disaster in perspective, Democrats won 60 percent of Hispanic voters in 2020 and Republicans still gained 14 seats in the House of Representatives and the GOP won every tossup race on the map.

“One year after giving Democratic House candidates more than 60% of their vote, according to polls at the time, the Journal survey found that Hispanic voters are evenly split in their choice for Congress. Asked which party they would back if the election were today, 37% of Hispanic voters said they would support the Republican congressional candidate and 37% said they would favor the Democrat, with 22% undecided,” the Journal reported.

Donald Trump won an even higher percentage of Hispanic voters – 43 percent – in a potential matchup with Joe Biden.

“Hispanic voters were also evenly divided when asked about a hypothetical rematch in 2024 of the last presidential contenders, with 44% saying they would back President Biden and 43% supporting former President Donald Trump. In 2020, Mr. Biden won 63% support among Hispanic voters, nearly 30 points more than Mr. Trump, according to AP VoteCast, a large survey of the presidential electorate,” the Journal also reported.

This poll found a massive gender gap with 56 percent of Hispanic men supporting Trump over Joe Biden.

From the moment the corporate media began spreading the false claim that Donald Trump called all Mexican immigrants rapists in his 2016 campaign announcement speech, the media and the Democrats were completely invested in the disastrous idea that calling Trump a racist would lock in the Latino vote.

When Barack Obama defeated establishment RINO Mitt Romney in the 2012 election winning 71 percent of the Hispanic vote, Democrats and corporate media pundits figured Democrats owned a lock on the presidency.

But Donald Trump’s strong stand to secure the border, opposition to Black Lives Matter and woke cancel culture as well as fighting back against Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden’s COVID totalitarian police state won over significant portions of the Hispanic base.

Latino voters realized the woke college-educated voters that increasingly shape the Democrat Party are divorced from the reality in Hispanic communities where voters care little about social justice buzzwords like intersectionality and Latinx.

Donald Trump led the way, but Republicans are positioned for a strong decade electorally if they can capitalize on and consolidate Trump’s gains with Hispanic voters.

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