Internal Democrat Polling Paints Grim Picture For Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Just Received The Worst News Of Her Life


Nancy Pelosi is on the verge of losing her job for good.

Now, things just went from bad to worse for Democrats.

And it’s all because Pelosi just received the worst news of her life.

The clock is ticking down for the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives.

According to a new round of polling conducted by Democrats themselves, the party is poised to suffer devastating losses in critical races for Congress across the country next year.

And now, new evidence suggests that 2022 could end up being the biggest red wave election since 2010.

DNYUZ reports, “Brian Stryker, a Democratic pollster, didn’t work for Terry McAuliffe’s campaign in the Virginia governor’s race. But Mr. McAuliffe’s narrow defeat in a liberal-leaning state alarmed him and most every Democratic political professional.

That defeat also prompted a centrist group, Third Way, to have Mr. Stryker convene focus groups to examine why Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin won in a state that President Biden had carried by 10 points last year.”

The results from this study were devastating for Democrats.

In an interview, Stryker admitted that “We [Democrats] probably haven’t been as focused on the economy as we should be. I think some of that is voters reading us talking about things that aren’t economic issues. Part of it is just a natural reaction, too: We’re in an economy they feel is tough. It’s hard for them to think we’ve solved problems when they see so many.”

Perhaps the worst part of this news for Pelosi is the fact that these dire numbers are being produced by a Democrat pollster.

In short, there’s little reason for Democrats to disbelieve their own polling that shows the party is on the verge of getting blown out of the water next November.

On the issue of education, the situation is particularly bad.

“Voters don’t think that in general a lot of Democrats felt really bad about closing the schools or felt like it was really a negative on people. I think showing some empathy on that could go a long ways in terms of: Yes, closing schools was hard on kids and hard on parents,” admits Stryker.

If this pattern holds, it means that Joe Biden’s unified control of the Federal government will be coming to an end in just over a year.

And Republicans could be poised to win multiple Senate seats as well, completely locking Democrats out of Congress for the rest of Biden’s term.

More worrying for Democrats is the fact that attacks on President Trump are no longer sticking.

According to the study conducted by Stryker, Biden-Youngkin voters in Virginia simply weren’t moved by attack ads trying to link Youngkin to Trump, even in a state that Trump lost by 10 points in 2020.

This suggests that there is a deeper messaging issue for Democrats, and with less than a year to turn the ship around, the clock is beginning to run out for Pelosi and Biden.

Reprinted courtesy of Liberty Airwaves.