Questions revolve around Clinton and Epstein

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Bill Clinton Will Not Like What Jeffrey Epstein Confessed Before He Died

Millions of Americans still have many questions about the circumstances surrounding alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Many of these questions revolve around former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Clinton will not like what Jeffrey Epstein confessed before he died.

When authorities claimed Epstein committed suicide in his Manhattan jail cell, few believed the official story.

Epstein faced allegations of sex trafficking and that famous men around the world partied with Epstein and partook in Epstein’s sexual crimes against underage girls.

One of the biggest names connected to Epstein was former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton never provided accurate or acceptable answers about when and where he met Epstein as well as how often Clinton traveled about in Epstein’s private plane which earned the infamous nickname the “Lolita Express.”

But when Epstein died everyone realized no one would ever get satisfactory answers to those questions as Epstein would now take his secrets to his grave.

Epstein’s connections to the rich and powerful as well as the shady circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death – there were numerous security lapses that are too blatant to be a coincidence –aroused suspicions that the official story of Epstein committing suicide was not on the level.

The New York Times obtained 2,000 pages of Federal Bureau of Prisons records about Epstein and what the paper published will only increase the scrutiny of the claim that Epstein killed himself.

While the Times did publish records from the inmate next to Epstein’s cell claiming he heard someone tearing bedsheets – Epstein allegedly strangled himself with his bedsheets – prison psychologists’ interviews with Epstein cast doubt on the suicide story.

Epstein told one prison psychologist that there was no circumstance under which he would commit suicide.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘I have no interest in killing myself,’ the disgraced financier told a prison psychologist, according to the BOP documents. He also said he was a ‘coward’ and did not like pain.

‘I would not do that to myself,’ he added.  

One psychological evaluation also found that Epstein was looking toward the future and that Epstein expressed his desire to remain alive.

The Daily Mail also reports:

During another psychological evaluation just days after arriving at the prison Epstein told a psychologist that ‘being alive is fun’…

…The psychologist wrote: ‘He was future-oriented,’ and noted that he denied having ever sexually abused anyone and believed he would be released after his renewed bail hearing.

Epstein telling psychological evaluators that he was too afraid of pain and that he liked being alive will do nothing to quiet the skeptics who doubt the government’s claim that Epstein took his own life.

There are still many unanswered questions about Epstein’s life such as how he made his billion-dollar fortune and how he avoided prosecution for so long.

Some evidence suggests Epstein may have covertly acted as a foreign intelligence operative.

But this New York Times blockbuster will not put that story to bed or force Americans to stop demanding real answers about both Epstein’s death and his connections to famous men such as Bill Clinton.

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