Tucker Carlson Revealed a Shameful Truth About the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial No One Knew

Tucker Carlson Revealed a Shameful Truth About the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial No One Knew


The Kyle Rittenhouse trial ended with an acquittal.

Many Americans wondered how Rittenhouse even ended up in this situation where authorities tried to lock a 17-year-old boy away for life and throw away the key.

And Tucker Carlson revealed a shameful truth about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial no one knew.

From the moment Kyle Rittenhouse shot three Black Lives Matter rioters in self-defense, this case became a political football for the Democrat Party and corporate media.

Joe Biden smeared Rittenhouse as a white supremacist in a campaign ad.

Critics contend prosecutors arrested Rittenhouse and charged him with murder to appease the violent Black Lives Matter mob out of fear of more riots.

So when the jury’s acquittal verdict came in, Tucker Carlson praised their decision.

Carlson explained that the jury reached the correct verdict despite a coordinated disinformation campaign to mislead the public about the case and pressure the jurors into convicting Rittenhouse.

“There are a lot of rational, decent, thoughtful people on all sides of all races in this country who are still willing to think clearly about what is right, what is wrong, what is factual, what is false, what is just, and what is not. And today, they did. So that’s the real lesson here,” Carlson began.

“In the face of all of that propaganda,” Carlson added, “a group of jurors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were brave enough to reach the right and obvious conclusion anyway. Amen.”

Media critic Drew Holden catalogued all the corporate media lies starting from the moment Rittenhouse shot the three BLM rioters.

CNN lied about Rittenhouse being a murderer.

Reuters claimed the rioter who pulled a gun on Rittenhouse was a survivor and CBS called Rittenhouse a murderer.

None of these lies were by accident.

Americans have watched for years how the media’s “mistakes” all runs in one direction – against Donald Trump and his supporters – and refused the pleas by the media that they made errors about Rittenhouse in good faith.

That lie no longer holds water as Americans understand the media is filled with left-wing partisans who view their job as taking a given set of facts and spinning them in the Democrat Party’s favor and against the Republican Party.

Corporate media outlets tried to create a climate of fear by intimidating jurors into convicting Rittenhouse.

In addition to the misinformation campaign surrounding the facts on this case, the judge banned MSNBC from attending the trial after one of the network’s freelancers received a traffic citation for running a red light while stalking the jury bus and trying to take their pictures.

But Tucker Carlson congratulated the jury for standing up to an unprecedented attempt by the media to undermine the criminal justice system in America and ignoring the lies and bullying to hand down the fair and just verdict.

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