Virginia Election Results Prove This Issue Is A Winning Issue For The GOP

Virginia Election Results Prove This Issue Is A Winning Issue For The GOP

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It’s considered an issue too controversial for most so-called political consultants.

Supposedly, it’s an issue to be avoided and hidden away in “polite” company.

And yet Virginia’s latest election results prove once again it’s still very much a winning issue for the GOP.

Here’s a math lesson for those armchair pundits and political consultants claiming that Virginia’s GOP sweep was all due to some magical, middle-of-the-road, moderate campaign.

A total 3,260,727 votes were cast in Virginia’s 2021 race for Governor.

According to a CNN exit poll, abortion was the number one issue for 8% of these voters.

That’s approximately 260,858 voters who cast their vote based solely on the single issue of abortion and whether they were for or against it.

Out of those 260,858 single-issue voters, 60% voted for Republican Glenn Youngkin and 40% for Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Broken down into cold numbers that means:

156,515 of those single-issue voters voted for Republican Youngkin.

104,343 of those single-issue voters voted for Democrat McAuliffe.

So the ultimate winner for Governor of Virginia, Republican Glenn Youngkin, netted approximately 52,172 votes based on the issue of abortion alone.

Youngkin’s overall victory margin stands at 65,426.

This means that out of the total winning margin for Governor-elect Youngkin, roughly 79% came from single-issue, pro-life voters.

As a political consultant, I’d take those numbers for my client all day long – any single issue that nets a candidate more than 52,000 votes in a competitive statewide race IS a winning issue.

Any single issue that nets me 79% of my winning margin?! Well THAT my friends is pure gold!

And abortion wasn’t even the top issue this election cycle.

We all know the most contentious issues in this election was handed to the Republicans by a Democrat Party blinded by critical race theory hucksters, “transgender” males raping young girls in school bathrooms, and corrupt school boards covering it up.

But CNN’s exit poll suggests that abortion was a top-five issue – which says a lot about just how important protecting innocent life remains among voters when you consider all the other major issues surrounding the race – like the aforementioned transgenders in school bathrooms, the Second Amendment, and the unconstitutional COVID restrictions and mandates.

Of course, Terry McAuliffe’s radical stance on “abortion after birth” only benefited Youngkin.

And that was multiplied when McAuliffe’s radical pro-abortion friends spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in attempt to paint Youngkin as a hardcore, pro-life politician – even though Youngkin has never once  pledged to do anything substantial on the issue of life.

But the point here isn’t how pro-life Youngkin is or isn’t. The point is, the left successfully painted him as your typical right-wing, pro-life candidate.

Meanwhile, McAuliffe is in fact a radical “kill any baby, at any time,” pro-abort, “pro-woman” ghoul like most Democrats are these days.

And that’s all it took for voters to decide.

And in the end, they voted for life. And THAT made all the difference.


Reprinted courtesy of Deep State Journal.